Our Story

I’m the Domestic, and this is how RisaAnn Designs was created… I was enjoying a perfectly normal Tuesday with my 4 kiddos, lunch was just getting wrapped up and nap time was soon upon us… And then the doorbell rang. My oldest and the twins love visitors so we all trekked to the door to discover who it was…

So there I was sitting on my couch watching a little SportsCenter (oh, I’m the Diva, by the way… Anywho!) There I was surfing Pinterest for some fun quirky Christmas décor… And then I found it… I stumbled upon the most ADORABLE… AMAZING… SPECTACULAR infinity scarf in all the land! It was literally the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life. In that moment I did what any normal accessory loving diva would do… I high-tailed it to my nearest fabric shop, bought the most fabulous jersey-knit grey and then I showed up on my sister’s doorstep… I cannot lie, I begged her (over the heads of my 3 beautiful nieces and adorable nephew) to make this for me because I would absolutely die without it.

So here is my little sister, standing there with this jersey knit grey fabric asking me to turn it into a scarf that she cannot live without. All I could do was laugh. We put the kids down for their nap, set the oldest one up with a movie and headed to the sewing room. I’d like to say I just whipped it up but it did take a little trial and error… In the end we had a couple cool scarfs.

I don’t know how she even did it but my sister whipped up the most incredible scarf in no time! She is a miracle worker- I mean you should have seen her, measuring here, cutting there, a little pinning and BOOM! She had made a scarf! I did the only natural thing I could think of… I told the world… Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram… And you know what!? THE WORLD WANTED TO BUY THEM!!!

My sister asked if she could “facebook it” and I said sure, why not. We had some interest, which was pretty cool! We chatted more and brainstormed a little… I think my sister got pretty excited and before we knew it RisaAnn Designs was created.

I think my sister got pretty excited (I mean after all, it was pretty awesome!) and before we knew it RisaAnn Designs was created!