Little Things to Sew

I pulled out this book from my shelf not too long ago and found two patterns I had to try!



The first was a tea party doll dress for my oldest daughter.  She has been asking me for awhile to make her something for her doll and I finally whipped it up in two nights after the kids were in bed.  I loved practicing my seams, buttons and hems on this little dress and my little one loved it so a win-win!


The second was the travel quilt for my son.  I have been meaning to make him a quilt for about two years and now that he is a little older I want to get on that!  This is such a wonderful pattern and I decided to do the background with gray instead of the white so it would not get so dirty so quick.  I found half of the material for the quilt top so I am still pulling everything together.  Excited to see how it turns out!



Next up the craft room reveal!  Here is a sneak peek…I am still working on a couple finishing touches!


Until next time enjoy!

xo Marisa


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