Quilting Series Week 5…way overdue!

Hello…time for a catch up and recap of the adorable quilt that I was making for my second oldest girl.  It is finished! I did not get it done in time for Christmas for her but shortly after she had it.  I left off with piecing so now I will go over finishing the quilt top and basting the quilt.

Here is the top with pieced blocks.


After all the blocks are sewn together you have a quilt top…now time to iron and baste.

You want to iron your seams or “press” your seams as the Diva and I learned when we stopped in a new quilt shop recently.  You can press them any way you like.  In the past I have pressed them open, or toward the darker color material.

I have used this batting in the past and like how the quilt turns out.  I try to remember to lay out my batting the day before I am going to make my quilt sandwich so that some of the creases soften.  I also take a warm iron and lightly press out the creases so that the batting lays flat.


Next I laid out the backing fabric that I lightly pressed and taped it to the floor.  Over that I laid my batting and over that I laid my quilt top.  Notice how both the backing fabric and the batting are slightly larger than the quilt top to allow for movement of the quilt that can happen during the actual quilting.  Making the backing and batting slightly larger also gives extra room, if needed, for squaring up the entire quilt sandwich when the quilting is done.  I like to have 3 to 4 inches of excess on each side of the quilt and maybe even more backing if you plan to fold it and bring it to the front for a “cheater binding”.  Check out Rae’s tutorial here!



Here is the quilt sandwich!

photo 4

To baste you can start at the middle and baste with basting pins like these:


Or, you can use the basting spray like this here:

photo 5

I chose to use the basting spray and then safety pin the outer edges.  The next quilt I do I am going to try using the basting pins and see which way I like better.

To spray baste I rolled up the bottom half of the batting and quilt top, sprayed the bottom of the batting and slowly unrolled the batting while pressing it onto the backing fabric.


I sprayed the top of the batting and slowly unrolled the quilt top fabric while pressing it onto the batting.  Then, I went to the other end of the quilt and did the same.



Finally, I went around the edges with basting pins to secure the edges.


There you have it a basted quilt!


Next time I will quilt the quilt sandwich and work on the binding!

Until them…happy sewing!

xo The Domestic

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