Friday Fun 11.22.13

friday_cheersCheers to Friday! I am not usually a wish-your-week-away, wait-for-the-weekend type of girl. I love my life but this week, I am just diggin’ that it’s Friday and the weekend is among us! I am blaming the shift in weather and maybe the whole daylight savings thing is finally catching up to me! Whatever it is, it’s FRIDAY and I wanna do a booty-shakin’ happy dance! Here is a little fun to kick off your weekend…

Incase you missed The Diva’s new line launch on Monday… CHECK IT OUT!!! (Yeah, I am kind of excited about it!)

Upholstery Fabric Repurposed Into Seating… YES PLEASE!

It’s almost here so get to work on your Thanksgiving Banner!

Do you remember Mad Libs from when you were a kid? I loved them… When I came across this you know it put a smile on my face!

My hubbz recently introduced me to Duck Dynasty… I fell in love with the Robertson’s. You can imagine my joy when they partnered up with my favorite organization to spread a truth that both the Domestic and the Diva live by! Watch it here.

Cheers, Desiree’

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