Quilting Week 3- Sewing and Piecing

It is quiet all are asleep and I am at the kitchen table.  All the crumbs and stickiness of the day has been wiped away and my sewing machine replaces the crayon boxes and coloring books.  Usually I sew in my storage room, sewing room downstairs, but because of a little slumber party happening in the basement, I was moved upstairs.  A change of scenery is always nice and the extra space is great!

We have covered everything up until the actual sewing of the quilt in Week 1 and Week 2.  Now it’s time to sew the material together to form the border and blocks. Once the material is sewn together I will piece the blocks together to make rows and then piece the rows together to make the quilt top.

First, I am sewing a chain of squares to use as part of the quilt border. I lay out all the blocks to see what order I want them in.  Then I begin to sew the blocks together.  Once the blocks are sewn I have to press or iron the seams.  Most patterns I read say to iron both pieces in the same direction, but I actually iron them flat as shown in the pictures below. The quilt top seems to lay nicer and I like the finished look.

My rows laid out and ready to sew.



Part of the row sewn now time to iron the seams.

photo 2


I like to press my seams flat, some like to press all the material to one side.  Either way is right, it is personal preference.  I like to press them flat because the quilt top lays nicely.

photo 4

The next part of the sewing I am working on are the quilt blocks.  I need to make many blocks and then sew them together like I did with the squares in the first part.

The first block.  I just love the print on this fabric!

photo 1

Seams pressed flat.

photo 3

Laying out the blocks to sew them into rows.

photo (3)

I have some holiday orders to fulfill, so I will be busy with those along with sewing this quilt.  Next week, I will take a break from the Quilting Series as I continue to work on the blocks, but I will send out links to some of my favorite quilting sites!

Happy Sewing Friends!

xo Marisa




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