Quilting Week 2- Cutting Fabric

Welcome back to our Quilting Series!  Here we go with Week 2 of the step-by-step series on quilting.  I am no expert but I am having fun and wanted to share what works for me and what I am learning as I go.  If you want to catch up a bit check out Week 1.

So far I have all my material and I need to start cutting and piecing things together.  For this step I like to have the following:

  • Self Healing Cutting Mat-  This is the mat I am currently using.  I had a smaller version and when it needed to be replaced I bought the larger one.  It gives me a larger space which makes cutting easier especially for larger pieces.
  • Rotary Cutter-  This is the rotary cutter I have been using.  I like it and love the 5 pack of replacement blades.  Having a rotary cutter makes cutting fabric so easy and lines tend to be straighter.
  • Pattern- The pattern I am using is by Sue Pfau out of her book Quilts from Sweet Jane.
  • Ruler-  I love this Omnigrip ruler it is great to use with the rotary cutter and it doesn’t slip on most fabrics.
  • Marking Tool- I like these quilting pencils.  They make marking the fabric easy so I know exactly where I need to cut.
  • Fabric
  • Iron & Ironing Board

This is what my set-up looks like.


Most times before I measure and cut all the fabric I do a quick iron to get out any ripples or creases.  Sometimes I forget and do it after but, I would recommend on doing it before so the material lays really flat when it needs to be measured and cut.  For this quilt I had a couple of strips that I needed to cut and the material was flat so I did my cutting and then ironed the strips.


Please no judgement on the state of my ironing board cover!  I am going to be making a new one with this tutorial when I get a second.

DSC_6204small_thumb ironing board 

So now that I have all my larger pieces cut I can finish up by cutting the material into the little pieces that I will use to make my quilt blocks.  Below are all the pieces ready to go.  The blue is for the binding, the pink is for the back, the white strips are part of the quilt blocks along with the precut squares.  I don’t have a piece for piecing since it is just a precut square with one white strip from each pile sewn to each side.  I will just leave everything in piles and piece them as I go.

photo (2) copy

Next week it’s on to the actual sewing!  So many steps involved with getting a quilt finished but that’s one of the reasons I love it!

xo Marisa

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