Quilting Week 1- Supplies

A new, weekly, Wednesday post from RisaAnn Designs about Quilting!  We have been talking about doing this for sometime now and finally I am getting my Domestic self into gear!  In these posts I will walk you through the quilt I am currently working on or share some wisdom I have learned in regards to quilting or sewing.

Let me back track just a second because the fact that I am writing a post on quilting is a bit amusing in itself.  Never in a million years did I think I would like quilting.  I bought a sewing machine to make things like scarves, purses, and baby swaddles, not to make quilts.  Well, after my dear friend Corey of Sweet Olivie Threads showed me some of her quilts and told me it wasn’t too hard I decided maybe I would try, one day.  Then, I found the perfect pattern, the cutest material and my five year old said she would like one.  Come to find out I love quilting!  I have made two so far and each time I learn so much more about sewing, material, cutting and basting.

Here is my first quilt for my oldest daughter Vivian.  Fun, bright and colorful!

IMG_5630 IMG_5654

This is my second quilt which I made without a pattern.  I found a similar quilt online and decided to get the material and go from there.  AJ calls it her magic quilt…so glad she likes it.  I love the cute deer on this bright and fun project!

IMG_6568 IMG_6569

I have four little ones and everyone has to have their own quilt so I am on to quilt number three.  I try to pick material that makes me think of the person I am making the quilt for.  I saw this fabric and immediately thought of my daughter Sylvie.  She is carefree and the colors just remind me of her.

Lucy’s Crab Shack

images images-1

Once I found material I liked I searched for quilts and found an adorable one on Etsy.  The pattern for the quilt was listed so I ordered the pattern book.  The book arrived and I found out what material I needed and ordered the amount.  Everything arrived and I let it sit for a few months!  Summer was here and the kids had crazy schedules, but now it’s Fall and I am back at my machine ready to whip this up!

Follow along with me each week as I journey through this quilt…lots of pictures will be included!

xo Marisa

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