RisaAnn’s First Quilt

What a fun ride that was!  I learned a lot about seams, lining up corners, basting and binding.  I had it on my list for the year “sew a quilt”.  I found the perfect pattern, step-by-step instructions with pictures!


My daughter picked out the fabric and I got started.  Doing the quilt was like putting a puzzle together, so many steps fit together to make the finished quilt.  I did not take a picture of every step but they went something like this: iron fabric, cut fabric, sew fabric into blocks, sew 5 blocks into a row, sew 5 rows into a quilt topper, iron the backing fabric, sew backing fabric, make a quilt sandwich, sew the quilt sandwich, and finally complete the binding.

Here both pieces are laid out before the quilt sandwich is made.


Here is the finished product folded up and ready to use.

IMG_5630  IMG_5631

Here is my little lady enjoying her quilt!


Lots of fun…so much fun that I am onto my next one and I have the material ready to go for the third one.  You see, I have four little ones and once the oldest got a quilt they all have to have one now!

xo RisaAnn


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