Color Blocking!

Spring is knocking on the door… Why not greet it bold and confident… Why not say “Hi, Doll!” with an array of color?

Color blocking is everywhere and once you master the basics of it, you can rock it! The main idea is to combine different colors and hues… The easiest way to know what you are doing comes from an amazing little thing we used in Kindergarten…

Friends, re-meet “The Color Wheel!”

1_colour wheels2

Start slow with complimentary, analogous or triadic and as you get more comfortable venture out with the bottom three wheels that are a bit bolder. Check out the awesome combinations below for some ideas to get you started. The big blue sky is the limit so why not splatter a little red, green and yellow around!


Have fun with it and share your photos via social media with the hashtag #RADsColorBlocking

Cheers, The Diva

photo credit: Getty Images

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