Quilts in the works…

Hello and Happy Fall!

Update time and sharing some great new fabric finds!  Fall is officially upon us and staying cozy under quilts is happening a lot here lately!


My daughter told me she is too big for the first quilt I made her when she was five.  Her feet stick out of it and she wants a new one.  I came across Winged by Bonnie Christine at Art Gallery Fabrics and decided that would be the perfect fabric for my girl who is now 7!


Here is a sneak peak of the quilt top laid out before I pieced it together.  Now it’s third in line to get quilted!


I have to finish the binding on a fun “pieced together without a pattern” quilt that I mentioned in my last post and then next up to finish is a quick and funky quilt using Sweet As Honey.  This is also from Bonnie Christine at Art Gallery Fabrics.  I think the print is adorable and I love all the orange.


Recently I have been using a lot of Art Gallery Fabrics, I love how soft they are and the quality is great!  I also, have had great luck at Hawthorne Threads and Bobbie Lou Fabric Factory purchasing fabric for two quilts I plan to make in November as gifts for Christmas.

One last fabric find that showed up today while I was reading blog recaps is Umbrella Prints.  I love the designs and color combinations they create.  They have an ETSY store also which may be easier since they are from Australia!

Umbrella Prints fabric

Thanks for stopping by today and happy sewing friends!!!

xo Marisa



It’s done, it has been washed and it has been used!  This quilt is from the magazine Quilting Quickly FALL 2013.  The quilt was designed by Natalie Earnheart of Missouri Star Quilt Co.  The fabric used is from Glimma by Lotta Jansdottter for Windham Fabrics.



This was such a fun quilt to make…lots of steps and lots of piecing, but so worth it in the end.  I learned several new techniques like applique’, blanket stitch and hand sewn binding.  I used several new products such as “steam a seam” during the applique’ process and “tear and wash” for the blanket stitch process. Overall it was a great quilt and I have lots to take away from it.

Here is how the blanket stitch looks after attaching each circle to the square.


Here is the finished quilt!







After quilting the top and making the binding the pattern called for straight-grain French-fold binding.  I decided to brush up on binding skills so I read and watched lots of binding tutorials!  This was one of my favorites!

Here are some pictures of the binding in process and the finished product!




Thanks for stopping by!  Looking forward to making some smaller projects as I jump into the next quilt!  I am not using a pattern for this quilt so that is a bit scary!  When it is done I am planning on listing it in the RisaAnn Designs store!  I am using Bluebird Park by Moda for this one.


Have a great holiday weekend!
xo Marisa


Little Things to Sew

I pulled out this book from my shelf not too long ago and found two patterns I had to try!



The first was a tea party doll dress for my oldest daughter.  She has been asking me for awhile to make her something for her doll and I finally whipped it up in two nights after the kids were in bed.  I loved practicing my seams, buttons and hems on this little dress and my little one loved it so a win-win!


The second was the travel quilt for my son.  I have been meaning to make him a quilt for about two years and now that he is a little older I want to get on that!  This is such a wonderful pattern and I decided to do the background with gray instead of the white so it would not get so dirty so quick.  I found half of the material for the quilt top so I am still pulling everything together.  Excited to see how it turns out!



Next up the craft room reveal!  Here is a sneak peek…I am still working on a couple finishing touches!


Until next time enjoy!

xo Marisa


The last few weeks of summer…

We are enjoying the last few weeks of summer by savoring all the moments of being outside, watching movies in the late afternoon and sleeping in!  I am also having a bit of a fabric crazed time.  I keep seeing patterns and tutorials I love and so I have projects lined up!!!

First up…I finished the applique quilt this week…complete with hand sewn binding!  A big reveal post coming soon!


Next, I am going to make this adorable Origami Bento Bag from Very Shannon using Arizona by April Rhodes.  The colors are so fun and the little stash arrived yesterday in the mail. I have been to one sewing class, (wish I could go to more but with littles it’s hard right now) and April was one of the teachers along with Rae Hoekstra from Made-by-Rae.  It was the best weekend but, that is a whole post in itself!



After this bag, I would love to make a quilt using Emmy Grace by Bari J. Ackerman in Spring Whisper.1895_emmy_grace_fat_quarter_bundle_in_springs_whisper



Enjoy your Friday!

xo Marisa









Week 6 The Finished Project!

Well here it is!  All finished and washed for the first time!  My daughter woke up the morning after I finished it and fell in love. It is just perfect for her personality and the perfect size for her 3 year old self.


photo 4

After the quilt sandwich I rolled up each end like this so I could fit it into my machine to quilt.

photo 1

I decided on straight lines a 1/4 inch away from each seam horizontally and I “stitched in the ditch” for most of the quilt vertically.  Don’t look too closely on how straight my stitching is!

photo 3

photo 2

The backing is the bright white and pink flowers shown on the front and I made it about two inches wider than the quilt top so I could try the cheater binding for the first time.  It was super simple and the binding was finished very quickly.  Here is a link for the tutorial on the binding from Rae at Made by Rae.


Thanks for following along on the quilt series.  I hope I answered questions you may have and please email if you have any!

xo Marisa


Crafty Links


Thought this picture was pretty funny…I definitely have those fabrics that I don’t cut because I am waiting for the perfect project!

Well, over the weekend I had a rush of crafty energy so, I was able to get projects done and some more started!

Here are some links of inspiration I have been using:

This Sew Caroline tutorial on the iPad mini case was perfect for the new technology that was on our doorstep this week.

This is the finished product!


This Take the Side Street tutorial for a skirt using one yard of fabric is perfect for this cute one yard of chevron print I want to use up before summer is over.

Here is my project in the works…


One of my favorite skirt tutorials is from Dana Made It.  I made this skirt from a knit fabric for my daughter at the beginning of the summer and she loves it.  I decided to make one for myself when I found this fun fall material that has beautiful turquoise and green tones.

Here is my project in the works…


My big project right now is a quilt I have been working on for two months…it is the most intensive quilt I have done.  A ton of cutting, ironing, and appliqué.  It has been a journey and I am so excited, the backing fabric came in yesterday, now it is basted and ready to quilt!


Up next the final week for my daughters quilt…the big reveal of the finished project.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

xo Marisa


More e-reader cases from Huckleberry Love and Charmed Liebling.

Cute summer cover-up from Brit + Co

Great info for sewing very stretchy material from Craftsy.

Quilting Series Week 5…way overdue!

Hello…time for a catch up and recap of the adorable quilt that I was making for my second oldest girl.  It is finished! I did not get it done in time for Christmas for her but shortly after she had it.  I left off with piecing so now I will go over finishing the quilt top and basting the quilt.

Here is the top with pieced blocks.


After all the blocks are sewn together you have a quilt top…now time to iron and baste.

You want to iron your seams or “press” your seams as the Diva and I learned when we stopped in a new quilt shop recently.  You can press them any way you like.  In the past I have pressed them open, or toward the darker color material.

I have used this batting in the past and like how the quilt turns out.  I try to remember to lay out my batting the day before I am going to make my quilt sandwich so that some of the creases soften.  I also take a warm iron and lightly press out the creases so that the batting lays flat.


Next I laid out the backing fabric that I lightly pressed and taped it to the floor.  Over that I laid my batting and over that I laid my quilt top.  Notice how both the backing fabric and the batting are slightly larger than the quilt top to allow for movement of the quilt that can happen during the actual quilting.  Making the backing and batting slightly larger also gives extra room, if needed, for squaring up the entire quilt sandwich when the quilting is done.  I like to have 3 to 4 inches of excess on each side of the quilt and maybe even more backing if you plan to fold it and bring it to the front for a “cheater binding”.  Check out Rae’s tutorial here!



Here is the quilt sandwich!

photo 4

To baste you can start at the middle and baste with basting pins like these:


Or, you can use the basting spray like this here:

photo 5

I chose to use the basting spray and then safety pin the outer edges.  The next quilt I do I am going to try using the basting pins and see which way I like better.

To spray baste I rolled up the bottom half of the batting and quilt top, sprayed the bottom of the batting and slowly unrolled the batting while pressing it onto the backing fabric.


I sprayed the top of the batting and slowly unrolled the quilt top fabric while pressing it onto the batting.  Then, I went to the other end of the quilt and did the same.



Finally, I went around the edges with basting pins to secure the edges.


There you have it a basted quilt!


Next time I will quilt the quilt sandwich and work on the binding!

Until them…happy sewing!

xo The Domestic


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